Do Guys Who Wear Glasses…?


What is the old adage?  Do girls make passes at —- no, that’s not it.  It’s “Do guys make passes at girls who wear glasses?”  Ah, that age-old question. 

I mean, when Dorothy Parker’s famous quote hit print in 1937 — “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” —  it cemented the concern in spectacle-wearing dames from that day forward.  Doomed them to a life void of passes from gents.  The poor Janes were cursed for having four eyes. 

Didn’t anybody ever stop to wonder if girls make passes at guys who wear glasses?  Why did Parker single out girls to be the heirs of that blight?

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.  But thinking about it did make me realize something: I adore men who wear glasses!  I’m not sure why, though.  I study men I know who wear glasses.  I look close at photos in magazines of men who wear glasses.  And I wonder.  What is the allure? 

Well, I’m not sure.  But I can tell you this…..

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a big fan of silent films; and, right up there with my beloved Rudolph Valentino is Harold Lloyd, the comedic genius of the silent era.  (Photo above).  Any comedy lover is denying themselves a huge treat if they don’t check out this man’s films.  His talent is unparalleled; and I laugh out loud when watching his antics.  He didn’t need sound to be funny.  

But what really attracts me to him?  His glasses!  Those horn-rimmed spectacles that stand between me and those you-know-there’s-a-tiger-lurking-behind-these-specs eyes; the optical paraphernalia that promises mystery just the other side of those two circles of glass.  A terribly handsome, sexy man perches behind those frames. 

If you don’t count Timothy from my second grade classroom, then Harold Lloyd is the object of my first imaginary love affair with a man who wears glasses.  I fell in love with the silent hunk with the manly charisma and boyish good looks the second I laid eyes on him. 

Oh, I know what you’re going to say.  It’s the Clark Kent syndrome.  You’re going to tell me that I think there’s a Superman behind those specs.  Nah.  It’s not that.  Or is it?  

You just might be right.  I stumbled across an interesting piece about him; and this piece would not only interest Superman lovers, but Harold Lloyd fans as well.  Seems that the character, Clark Kent, was based partly on Harold Lloyd.  Who knew?  And I found it even more interesting that Kent’s name was derived from combining the names of two actors, Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.  Go figure. 

So my darling Harold is a super man after all!

But still.  I couldn’t have known that in second grade, when I daydreamed about Timothy; but I still had the most agonizing crush on him.  Later, in high school, there was Michael.  And Alex.  Ricky.  And then later, Billy.  Bill.  Tom, my husband.  Well, he’s a bygone memory, but it had nothing to do with his glasses —- why, the glasses were his redeeming feature!

Forgive me for indulging this wicked pleasure; but I will tell you this delicious secret.  To me, there is something so very sexy about a man stopping to take off his glasses before he begins to — well, “neck.”  There.  Oh, geez, I said it.  Yes. I admit it.  What a wildly wonderful experience, as a guy stops to pull off his glasses and, with that careful deliberation (partly not to break them, of course) folds them shut and sets them on the table.  Now he’s ready for business.  Now sit there and tell me that is not kind of sexy?  He’s undressing without undressing? 

Oh, calm down.  I never “necked” with Timothy in second grade!  But maybe, just maybe, I sensed, even at that delicate age, the future allure those pieces of metal or plastic and glass would have on me. 

So.  To my darling Harold.  To Timothy, Michael, Alex, Bill, Billy — and Tom — wherever you are, I salute you!  May the women  you meet make passes at you!  May the women you meet see the Clark Kent hiding there!



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5 responses to “Do Guys Who Wear Glasses…?

  1. apb148

    Carol, nice blog. You should write more blogs a week. They’re a pleasure to read.

  2. Keep bloggin’ girl! You’re good. I do need to get one taken care of. But I can’t wear my glasses to do it.

    Oh, I do wear glasses, but three females have me in their power, especially my little future lightweight world boxing champ, Lizard the Wizard, otherwise known as Kadence Callista.


  3. Great post, my only regret is now the secret is out and guys will get start a run on glasses. 🙂



    great blog for a Friday morning!

  5. I like this…for psychological reasons. Interesting to me because the ‘glasses thing’ seems to diminish the Male Psyche—-which means what I have always known about you, Girl. You are a Nurturing Care-Button. And more Special than the Words you Write here ! Love You So Much Bonnie :o)

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