Well, to Him

My first blog.  Where the heck do I start?  I’m just going to pull something out of that.  I think I’ll share a poem I wrote in honor of those wonderful men out there who love us just as we are! 

“Well, To Him”



I have the sultry voice that could tell Bogey to put his lips together and blow

Like Lauren Bacall,

Hundred mile an hour curves like a tight dress

On Marilyn Monroe,

Pin-up perfect legs and tush that could stop traffic dead

Like Betty Grable,

Eyes that can make you stand tall or cut you down to nothing

Like Bette Davis,

And picture perfect bazoombas that never lose their shape,

Like Raquel Welch.

Well, to him I do.


I am the grace and poise that never falter even under the hottest heat

Like Queen Elizabeth,

The selflessness that never tires no matter how hard the going gets,

Like Mother Theresa,

The social and homemaking dynamo that keeps the home fires homey,

Like Martha Stewart,

And wisdom personified who doles out advice to set the world straight

Like Dear Abby.

Well, to him I am.


I will dish out kisses to knock the socks clean off your feet and make you feel

Like Clark Gable,

I will tango with you till the cows come home and make you feel

Like Fred Astaire,

I will be the sweet demure girl who bats her eyelashes and makes you feel

Like John Wayne,

I will make love in a desert tent under a full moon and make you feel

Like Rudolph Valentino,

I will be everything and do anything, the sky’s the limit.

Well, for him I will.


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11 responses to “Well, to Him

  1. I think it’s awesome, Carol. You’ll find your voice. Then you’ll start to have tons of fun. Kudos!

  2. I really enjoyed that poem-

    “I will dish out kisses to knock the socks clean off your feet and make you feel

    Like Clark Gable,”

    Was my favorite line. Do you enjoy classic movies? I do- and I suspect that you do also. I will bookmark your blog and check back.

    Onward and upward carol! Onward and upward…


  3. apb148

    Nice poem, it’s a nice start and you have been added to my blogroll.

  4. Elaine Bagworth

    What can I say?


  5. unwriter1

    A very well written poem and yes, you will be added to my blogroll as well.

  6. cruizen4u (Cindy)


    This was a wonderful, romantic poem that just filled my heart!

    You are truly a poet at heart and I wish you all the best.


  7. justjera

    Great poem! Especially fitting for upcoming Valentine’s Day.


  8. AMY

    this poem is great just like everything you write!

  9. Jen

    Wonderful poem! I’m adding you to my blogroll. http://zen-writer.blogspot.com/

  10. Ah Carol – finally got around to reading your blog -the two posts you have up there thus far anyway. But much as I enjoyed reading about your “secret lover” (and I did, really I did), I absolutely adored this poem of yours. Fantastic job you did with it.
    Since you have WordPress, I don’t know if I can add your blog to my “Following” but I am going to add it in someplace -either there or in my subscriptions on my reader. By the way, there are issues with my blog and reader -for some people it updates, for others, it stays locked in on August 11, 2008 -go figure as I sure can’t get it squared away and functioning properly. ARRGH!

    But welcome to the wonderful, fun world, of blogging!

  11. I forgot to say how wonderful your poem was. So tender and endearing. You guy must be so proud.

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